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Board of Advisors

Walter H. Beebe

Founder, NY Open Center (1984-) currently over 6,000 students annually, presenting more than 400 teachers, accredited by NY State Dept Education.

Education: Switzerland, Harvard BA (cum laude), Stanford Law School LLB.

Profession: Corporate lawyer private practice (40 years), clients included Von Roll, Ltd.; Swiss Aluminum Corp; New Jersey Steel Corp; Harris Kerr Forster (accounting firm); lead trial counsel defending an antitrust case for Summa Corp. (owned by Howard Hughes), sustained on appeal (610 F.2d 614).

Charities: Non-profit service on boards of directors, including recently Interfaith Center of New York; Abraham Fund Initiatives (Israel); Westar Institute;

Politics: Campaigned for Eugene McCarthy for President, demonstrated at Democrat convention in Chicago (1968)

Family: Married, 5 children